Non-ionic / Anionic Based Pigment Paste

Surfactant-based, organic and inorganic pigment preparations of high pigment loadings demonstrating excellent compatibility with a wide variety of aqueous systems. These include emulsion paints, flexo inks, natural and synthetic lattices, textile inks, artist’s colours and many other water-based systems.


The dispersions can be supplied with or without humectant protection and all products are protected by state of the art preservatives.

Continuous product development and new product research keeps our technology base up to the highest market expectations.


Non-ionic / Anionic based pigment paste from Ralken Colours can be used for:

  • Textile print pastes
  • Arts and craft
  • Adhesives


Not quite what you’re looking for? We also offer the following:

  • Colour matching service
  • Technical expertise
  • A vast choice of standard shades