Acrylic Resin-Based Pigment Pastes

Surfactant-based pigment preparations are not always the ideal solution for the colouration of some aqueous media. To combat this, these pastes are based on acrylic resins containing a wide variety of organic and inorganic pigments dispersed to the same fineness as the non-ionic/anionic pastes and have a similar compatibility, although they should not be used in systems where the pH is less than 8.


Acrylic pastes can be used at higher loadings in aqueous inks than surfactant-based pastes and in certain media such as phenolic resins and latex for balloon manufacture they are often superior in compatibility.


Acrylic resin based pigment pastes from Ralken Colours can be used for:

  • Phenolic based systems
  • Latex
  • Balloons


Not quite what you’re looking for? We also offer the following:

  • Colour matching service
  • Technical expertise
  • Full product traceability