Ralken Colours Industry Sectors

Aqueous based products for a variety of colouration and surface coating requirements


Pigments and Speciality and novelty colouration products for printing, dyeing and finishing aimed at fashion, apparel, furnishings and technical textiles. These technical performance compounds include decorative effects, handle modification, waxes, flame retardant, water repellents and military coatings including IRR.



Pigments for balloons, latex sheeting and preformed moulds.



Colouration systems for aqueous based emulsion paint and artist craft colours.



Anionic, Non-ionic, Cationic Pigment and resins dispersions for use in paper manufacture for mass pulp colouration and surface treatment.



Pigments specifically designed for the colouration of sealants and grouts.



Pigments for timber treatments including fencing, wood chip and Mulch


Dyes, pigments and finishing systems for leather.


Ralken can produce compounds on behalf of a customer via Toll Manufacture to the customers specification and also can identify or look to reproduce a similar compound on their behalf.

Toll Manufacture

Working with your requirements, we can use your raw materials and formulations to create bespoke pigment pastes. Alternatively, we can formulate preparations based on your dry product to meet your dispersion criteria. Customer confidentiality is ensured throughout development and production. Pigments are not the only raw materials we produce in aqueous dispersion form. These can include fillers, pearl pigments, catalysts and dyestuffs to name just a few.