Our Facilities at Ralken

Ralken Colours has been a leading UK manufacturer of aqueous dispersions, VAT dyes and pigments for over 30 years. With outstanding growth in our manufacturing capability, we offer a diverse range of products for many market sectors.

Purchase Order Processing

A wholly integrated purchase order processing system ensures raw material stocks are available on time to meet customer needs.


Quality assurance and quality monitoring are enhanced by the integrated information system. Quality status of raw materials and finished goods are an integral part of the system minimising the possibility of error in the selection for sale of non-conformanceitems. Physical samples and QC records are maintained to assure traceability.

Sales Order Processing

Marketing information systems are fully integrated with stock holding requirementsensuring customer orders are efficiently processed.

Technical Service

Technical support is offered in the development of products, during trials and processing and in after sales.

Bespoke and Toll Manufacture

Ralken has the capability to produce bespoke products tailored to meet a clients needs. Toll manufacture is a growing area of the business.


Ralken’s production facility is fully supported by Information Technology. Total product traceability is assured with material status identifiable through each stage of the production cycle. Product handling and COSHH requirements are inbuilt into all production batch instructions for the safeguard of its employees and the environment.


Ralken operates a computerised stock control system, which enables differing physical forms and concentrations of raw materials to be stored efficiently and safely assuring full product traceability.


Ralken prides itself on its highly efficient on time delivery service. Its efficient stock holding and distribution scheduling system reduces the need for its customers holding excessive stock.

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